Dacorum Under New Management: Lib Dems' Year of Progressive Change

27 Feb 2024
2023 Dacorum Lib Dem council group

A Fresh Approach to Governance

In May 2023, the Dacorum Borough witnessed a pivotal shift in its political landscape. After 24 years, the Liberal Democrats ended the Conservative reign, bringing a wave of fresh perspectives and ambitious plans to the Borough. This report highlights the significant strides made under the new leadership, focusing on these key initiatives: a Renewable Efficient Dacorum, a responsive Local Plan, and a proactive Housing Strategy. 

  • Renewable Efficient Dacorum: Lib Dem Dacorum aims to cut wasted energy and renew the Borough, making for happier people, with less money going out in bills.
  • A new Local Plan: which responds to feedback, protects greenbelt, gets a great deal for Hemel’s reinvention and gives residents control over developers.
  • A new Housing Strategy: which tackles long waits for repairs, retrofitting insulation and more Council homes for social rent. 

A fresh “Cabinet” of Councillor Portfolio Holders has been digging into the books and working with the planning, housing, neighbourhood officers and finance services to plan a fresh look which puts people first.


Ron Tindall, Liberal Democrat Dacorum Borough Council Leader, said:

“Running a Borough is a balance which takes vision, commonsense, and resources. We have the first two, but we have to search and craft, and carve out the last of these three. We have made a start, in our Housing Strategy, Local Plan and emerging Climate Generation vision.” 


As the first year comes to a close, the Liberal Democrat Dacorum Borough Council has demonstrated that change is not just about new policies but about a new way of thinking and leading. With eyes set on the future, they will continue to craft a Dacorum that is sustainable, responsive, and inclusive