Excellent Result in Chesham & Amersham By-Election. Sarah Green and the Lib Dems Trounced the Tories in a Judgement on Johnson

20 Jun 2021

The Blue Wall is crumbling!

They're coming back, they're coming back, Lib Dems are coming back!

Congratulations to Sarah Green MP and to her team, manager Candy Piercy and agent James Lillis. The organisation ran like clockwork.

Sarah Green

Yes, HS2 played a role, and the voters understood our position. However the proposed Planning Act 2021 was a bigger issue and some unfortunate building development is already in hand to give people a taste of what Tory planning relaxation might visit upon the area. But without doubt this was also a judgement on the Johnson Government, the play-acting and unconvincing rhetoric of the Prime Minister, the shambolic performance of some of his ministers and disquiet of the recent contracts awarded to some of their chums.

Campaign volunteers felt it had been one of the best campaigns they'd ever worked in. Literature was especially good, as was the content & timing of the messages.

It was a very friendly campaign in a beautiful part of the world and we were calling a really friendly electorate.

We met lots of friends and colleagues out and about down there from all over the UK and many thanks too to all the West Herts folk who went over to help.

But gosh, weren't we lucky with the weather!

The Chesham & Amersham) result:
LIB DEM: 56.7% (+30.4) Sarah Green
CON: 35.5% (-19.9)
GRN: 3.9% (-1.6)
LAB: 1.6% (-11.2)
REFUK: 1.1% (+1.1)
BP: 0.5% (+0.5)
FA: 0.4% (+0.4)
REU: 0.3% (+0.3)