Homelessness isn't a lifestyle choice

8 Nov 2023
Homeless & Hungry

Recent comments by the home secretary about sleeping on the streets being a lifestyle choice shows how ignorant she is on the desperate struggles they and ordinary residents have to face day by day in the cost of living crisis.

More and more people are struggling to pay their rent or mortgages with the risk they too could end up on the streets if they can't find somewhere they can afford to live in.

Sammy said "I agree with the local homeless charity DENS who said 'We strongly disagree with Suella Braverman's statement about rough sleeping being a lifestyle choice. The causes of homelessness are not one dimensional, and people can become homeless for a range of reasons, including lack of mental health and social care support. The root causes of homelessness need to be addressed, rather than victimising vulnerable people who find themselves on the streets..'

Sammy added "this home secretary is out of touch and needs to go, people need a compassionate home secretary who understands the issues that face ordinary families, not one who is trying to inflame division in society."