"Unpaid carers mustn’t be ignored any longer!" says Ed Davey, Leader of the Liberal Democrats

9 Jul 2021
"The other day, I spent some time meeting with a wonderful group of unpaid carers", Ed Davey - Leader of the Liberal Democrats, Jun 11, 2021

Unpaid Carers 2

"People looking after their loved ones too often feel forgotten," said Ed.

"The other day, I spent some time meeting with a wonderful group of unpaid carers.

"We had been brought together by Carers UK and a number of other carers' organisations as part of Carers Week, so they could share their experiences directly with me and we could discuss what changes might make their lives better.

"Their stories chimed with my own experiences as a carer, and those I've heard over the last few months, as I've met with carers across the country.

"Whether it's looking after a frail parent; a child with severe mental ill health; a disabled brother or sister, husband or wife, caring can be rewarding and full of love.

"But it's far from glamorous: and it can be relentless and exhausting. And it's been especially tough during Covid.

"What I am most struck by when I speak to carers is that they're not asking for anyone to solve all their challenges. They don't expect caring to be easy. They don't resent the sacrifices they have made.

"What frustrates them - what makes them angry - is that they too often feel forgotten and ignored by people in power.

"Carers deserve to be recognised for the invaluable work they do. They deserve more support, from carers' breaks to Carer's Allowance, to help with the pressures of caring. They deserve to be included in decisions about the loved ones they care for.

"Most of all, carers deserve to be listened to. So I will keep listening, and continue to use my voice to speak up for carers. They mustn't be forgotten and ignored any more."

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