News from West Hertfordshire

Improved Economic Indicators for May – Inflation Falls and Retail Sales Rise

Two pieces of good economic news as the UK carries on making slow but steady economic progress. The formation of the Coalition to give our country a stable government has clearly been a significant factor in maintaining confidence in the UK in the international financial markets. It is essential that the interest rate the government has to pay on its continued borrowings are kept low. These figures will make that more likely.

23 Jun 2012
Danny Alexander

Liberal Democrat Danny Alexander's Address to the GMB Union

Speaking in Brighton on 12th June, 2012, Liberal Democrat Chief Secretary to the Treasury Danny Alexander addressed the GMB trade union conference. The speech, his first to a trade union conference, highlighted the historic relationship between Liberals and trade unions and emphasised the common ground between the Liberal Democrats and the union movement.

22 Jun 2012
Nick Clegg at Liberal Democrat Conference

Successful Liberal Democrat Local Government Conference in Bedford

Leading Liberal Democrat Councillors from all over England gathered on Saturday at the Universityof Bedford for a conference organised by the Local Government Association. The keynote speaker was the Deputy Prime Minister Rt Hon Nick Clegg MP who had recently acquitted himself so well at the Leverson Inquiry. Nick arrived fresh from NOT supporting our Conservative coalition partners in the Commons debate on the behaviour of the much-entangled (with the Murdoch Empire) Culture Secretary, Jeremy Hunt - who was "in it together" with David Cameron, who was "in it together" with Rebekah Wade...and so on.

19 Jun 2012
QEII Hospital WGC

A New Hospital for Welwyn garden City by 2014?

NHS Hertfordshire has now approved the full business case for the replacement QEII Hospital in Welwyn Garden City. The planned 4-storey Local General Hospital will replace the existing buildings and is expected to be complete by August 2014.

18 Jun 2012

Liberal Democrats Deliver Fairer Pensions for Women

Even the Guardian, the paper that's been so critical of the Coalition in general and the Lib Dems in particular, these past two years, has had to run this story. This is the announcement that many of us have wanted to see for as long as we've been politically active. That women who take time out of the labour market to care for children or sick relatives will not be penalised in their old age.

16 Jun 2012