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Probation Service

Counter-Productive Cuts to our Justice System could Lose Lives and Damage Society

Cuts to services that are designed to reduce or mitigate problems inevitably end up costing society more, whether or not management are hitting their targets. Seven years of Conservative meddling in the Probation Service could cost us more than just money. The Ministry of Justice has been in the news recently because of the murders at a conference about re-offending which took place about a year ago. The right-wing were as usual quick to discredit the whole concept of re-habilitation of offenders. They saw the conference as evidence of failure. A failure it certainly was, and a tragedy for two individuals and their families and friends. Mistakes were obviously made in the assessment of the murderer, a convicted terrorist who had been approved for an early release. But the fact that that two freed former convicts present at the conference tackled the assailant is also a sign of success for the process of rehabilitation. Prison without attempts at effective rehabilitation is simply a waste o

13 Jun 2021
Bees on flowers

Pollinators are more Important than You Might have Thought - they are our Natural Allies in Storing Carbon in the Environment

As long ago as the Hertfordshire County Council Meeting on 16th July 2019 the Liberal Democrats took a lead in improving bio-diversity in terms of encouraging wild flowers at the roadside, thereby protecting pollinators of all kinds. At that meeting the Liberal Democrat County Councillor for Royston West & Rural, Steve Jarvis, who also represents the Weston & Sandon Ward in North Herts District, proposed a motion calling on HCC to bring forward proposals to manage highway maintenance in ways that improve bio-diversity.

2 Jun 2021

After 36 years, a Promise of Help for Bus Services from the Government. Lib Dems just Hope it will actually Do Some Good!

The Conservatives should know a bit about buses. It was, after all, Mrs Thatcher's Transport Act 1985 which accomplished the destruction of nearly all municipal bus companies outside of a small number of metropolitan areas. Barbara Castle's earlier 1968 Transport Act had introduced the concept of public support for socially important but uncommercial services and this principle was retained. However, the deregulation that was a key element in the Thatcher act, led to a focus on profitable routes, destructive competition between companies and a lack of co-ordination or continuity of services.

28 May 2021

Voters gave the Liberal Democrats Strong Support right across Hertfordshire on May 6th.

Liberal Democrats have gained five seats on Hertfordshire County Council. HCC now has 23 Liberal Democrat members, along with 46 Conservatives (down 5 seats), 7 Labour (down 2 seats), one Green and one Independent Conservative Leader of the Council lost his seat to a Liberal Democrat candidate St Albans is now under Liberal Democrat control Liberal Democrats have gained an extra seat on Three Rivers District Council Results for County Council elections within West Herts Local Party area.

9 May 2021